Geospatial and Situational Awareness Displays and Controls

The IEC Common-Geo provides the operator with a set of displays, controls and overlays integrated for the purpose of presenting or developing the ship’s best estimate of the current tactical situation in a geospatially correct representation. These controls, overlays and displays, depict sensor, contact, weapon and environmental information and provide Target Motion Analysis (TMA) tools necessary for evaluation of the current tactical picture.

The Common-Geo shows a graphical representation of ownship’s position and position history and the position of contacts in relation to ownship. Ownship is plotted on the GEO in either a ground reference frame or in a water reference frame. This means that ownship is drawn according to the set and drift of the water column. Contacts held by organic sensors are plotted according to their relative position from ownship. Non-organic contacts (OTH) are plotted by ground reference at their exact latitude and longitude positions of the report.

A variety of controls are provided to give more information about the environment and to help in performing TMA operations. GEO overlays are divided into the following categories, or layers; Ownship, Target, Sensor, Annotation and GEO. Controls for each layer are found on the GEO button bar and associated GEO context sensitive menu(s).


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